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نادره درباره‌ی روند شکل‌گیری این شبکه می‏‌گوید:

شبکه‏ی توانمندسازی اقتصادی زنان فارسی‏‌زبان در سال ۲۰۰۴ شکل گرفت. دلیل شکل‌گیری چنین شبکه‌ای این بود که بانک جهانی در سال ۲۰۰۲ یک شبکه‏ برای زنان عرب‏زبان تأسیس کرده بود که مرکز آن در تونس قرار داشت. کار این شبکه به خوبی پیش می‏رفت، ولی به دلایل گوناگون، ایران نمی‏توانست وارد آن بشود. 

Read More ... این بود که تصمیم گرفتیم شبکه‏ای مانند شبکه‏ی زنان عرب‏زبان برای زنان فارسی‏زبان ایجاد کنیم

Save the Date

October 16-19, 2010 
Next PGN round table will take place on October 16-19, 2010 at the University of Chicago. It will be hosted by the Harris School for Public Policy.  PGN Chicago Roundtable


Iranian Entrepreneur Signs an Agreement with the IIUM

The Women's Council director in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines (TCCIM) stated that an agreement had been signed between an Iranian businesswoman and the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Fatemeh Moqhimi was accompanied by a delegation to Malaysia consisting of some members of the Council. She stated that they signed a draft with the Council and IIUM aimed to advance educational opportunities for women entrepreneurs. "In consideration of the increasing number of Iranian students who go to Malaysia we deemed it suitable to create some facilities through the TCCIM for students and IIUM agreed to this," she said. The details of these facilities will be announced later.


Short News:

In a recent article published in the New York Times, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton discussed what she describes as a trifecta of gender issues: stability, security, and equity issues. The deep seated cultural resistance towards women's rights, particularly the lack of universal suffrage and literacy, is the final discriminatory bar to people's full participation in democratic government. However, political empowerment without economic empowerment has proven to be a non-starter across the globe. Micro-enterprise and maternal health among others will be core foreign policy issues for the Obama administration, which will be pursued together with more strategic partnerships with countries such as Pakistan and India.


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